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If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” ~Unknown

Professional and Corporate Coaching

Imagine …

You’re in the woods, it’s cold, you’re hungry, your feet hurt and you are certain that you’re lost.

Things are looking rough. You take a few more steps and a light catches your eyes. You lift your head and see a clearing among the trees. You head for it and finally find yourself at the edge of the woods, the dark, damp forest behind you. In front of you, the most amazing, sun-filled, colorful, bustling with life, valley. It’s truly breathtaking. One slight challenge.

There’s a river between you and that bliss.

OK, you think, no problem. One step at a time … I’ll make it across.

You make your way towards the river and hesitantly step into the water. Oh, that’s cold!

But warm, lush grass waits for you on the other side, so you muster ahead.

The bottom is slippery and the current is strong. You stagger but don’t fall. One step, one little slip, a step, a slip.

Now imagine someone hands you two sturdy walking sticks. How do you feel now?

Confident that you’ll make it to other side, right?

That’s what a Coach does for you. That’s what I am to you.

I am the sturdy walking stick that helps you cross the slippery river and make it confidently to the other side.

You do the walking, you do the stepping, I am there to support you, someone for you to lean on when that current knocks you off balance.


I am there to help you Own Your Step.


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